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Team Yanny vs. Team Laurel: Your Favourite Celebrities Pick Sides

Yanny or Laurel? The two words don’t mean much, but they’ve caused a mass debate that’s currently dividing offices, friendships and pretty much everyone else with access to the Internet.

Basically, it’s 2018’s blue and black (or white and gold) dress. Except instead of an outfit for a mother of the bride, it’s a four second piece of audio. It all started when social media star Cloe Feldman posted the clip to her Instagram story Tuesday, asking her followers “What do you hear? Yanny or Laurel.” And ever since, listeners have been unable to come to a consensus.

Confused by the witchcraft? Not sure what team you’re on? Here are some celebrity tweets to sway your allegiance.

Ellen hears Laurel

Chrissy Teigen is so clearly Laurel

Mindy Kaling, a proud Yanny, feels betrayed

Ike Barinholtz is genuinely confused by Laurel

Chrissy Teigen  boldly calls Yannies lying attention junkies

Emmy Rossum hears both?! And might be a ghost whisperer?!

Stephen Colbert also had a major change of heart

Fellow late night host James Cordon is a Laurel

And he’s changed the name of his show in support of his tribe

Ruby Rose hears neither, and instead picks up on a congratulatory message

With just two words, Stephen King settles the debate once and for all

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