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These 3 Performers Nailed The Voice’s Top 10

Tonight is the night when we will watch two singers be eliminated from last night’s amazing top 10 performance. If this won’t be a soul-crushing event, we don’t know what is. The Internet is all for Billy Gilman, but read on to see which three others are likely here to stay—at least for the time being.

1. Brendan Fletcher (Team Adam) “True Colors”

I am always more interested in the less overproduced performances, and Brendan always gives us that. He keeps it simple with his sexy voice and moody demeanour and gives us all the feels.

2. Christian Cuevas (Team Alicia) “Million Reasons”

Lady Gaga is going to love this version of her new song. While I wasn’t a huge fan of Christian at first, he proves each week that his singing skills are solid. And he definitely knows how to emote, which is really important at this point because these singers all clearly have the voice.

3. Sundance Head (Team Blake) “Me And Jesus”

This is a polarizing one to be sure, but watching Sundance always makes me smile. He would never be my typical choice, seeing as I rarely ever listen to country. But he has such a genuine vibe and always looks like he’s having the time of his life on that stage.

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