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Calling All Hipsters: For $49, You Can Now Buy Used VHS Tapes from Urban Outfitters

'90s nostalgia comes with a hefty price tag.

Urban Outfitters has played a significant role in resurrecting heritage trends and selling them in mass to the millennial and Gen Z markets. Vinyl records, Polaroid cameras and 2-piece Champion sweatsuits have proved themselves relevant in 2019, and now, Urban Outfitters is hoping VHS tapes will follow the same path to profit. It goes something like this: nice-interest-turned-hipster-obsession-turned-gift-for-your-13-year-old-cousin.

In collaboration with the indie retail brand Studiohouse Designs, Urban Outfitters is selling boxsets of five mystery VHS tapes for $49 CAD.

You can’t pick your flick, but you can narrow down your category (think ’90s Comedy, Sci-Fi and ’00s Rom-Com), and the featured images give you glance at the kind of movie you may end up with (think Office Space, Bring it On and Dirty Dancing). “Each set is unique, iconic and will vary from what is pictured here,” the product description promises. “Don’t worry – there are no duds in this batch!”

You may think, for $49, a reclaimed vintage VHS player will be included in the price. Disclaimer: it’s not. Maybe, the throwback tapes are supposed to function as an iconic piece of art you display on a shelf in your TV-less apartment. As those young, hip kids say: weird flex, but okay.