The Who’s Who of Disney’s Most Anticipated Live-Action Remakes

Walt Disney’s music-filled animated movies played a big role in our childhoods. Decades later, Disney has begun rebooting their iconic VHS films, filling theatres with nostalgic millennials and a new wave of Mouse House fanatics. From Cinderella to The Jungle Book to Beauty and Beast, audiences can’t help but smile, sing along (and ahem, tear up) as they watch their favourite fairytales brought to life.

The most recent blockbuster reveal? A look at actress Liu Yifei as Disney princess Mulan.

The live-action remake of the Oscar-winning 1998 film won’t premiere until March 27 2020 — and we’ll have to wait equally as long for most of the other hotly anticipated live adaptions. But hey, a little hype never hurt anyone right? From Emma Stone to Reese Witherspoon to Queen Bey herself, here’s a round up of Disney’s future films and the A-Listers confirmed to star in the new generation of classics. (Let’s hope they don’t screw these ones up — sorry Emma Watson.)

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