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Everything to Do This Weekend at Taste the Danforth

The Taste the Danforth festival is a hallmark of Toronto summer. Restauranteurs offer delicious tasting menus for $6, and there’s dancing, singing and a multitude of interactive programming for attendees of all backgrounds. This year, the festival will take on additional significance in the wake of the recent mass shooting in the neighbourhood, which rocked not only the Greektown community but the entire city.

Nevertheless, the festival organizers are determined to restore a sense of normality and honor the victims through the opening ceremony, which will be attended by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. There will also be a special memorial service and a tribute to the lives lost at St.Barnabas on the Danforth Anglican Church near Chester Avenue. If you plan to hit up the Danforth this weekend, here’s the best way to spend your Saturday.

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10:00am: Stop by Cafe Fiorentina for a whole-foods based, light breakfast. We recommend the Duck Eggs Benny. You’ll need all the energy you can get for the rest of the day in the heat, so have some water on deck as well – you’ll need it throughout the day.

12:00pm: Grab some Greek loaded fries, Mezes Greek spin on poutine for lunch, but leave too, for Katsu Sushi‘s legendary deep fried squid on a stick.

2:00pm: Up your spirit with Greek sounds. Catch Elena Iliathi playing a concert on the Greek stage.

5:00pm: For a quick bite, grab some yummy Mexican Street Corn from Mexico Lindo.

7:00pm: Head to the Danforth Music Hall for the Toronto Together concert with Billy Talent, featuring Pup and City & Colour. All proceeds go to benefit #TorontoStrong through the Toronto Foundation. (You can purchase tickets here).

9:00pm: No time spent on the Danforth is complete without spinach pie. Grab some to finish off your evening with a spanakopita (ok, maybe three) from Akropolis.

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