TIFF party talk: Peaches Geldof talks Karl Lagerfeld, post-modernism and, um, Legend of Zelda

Photo by Kira Crugnale

When it comes to a party with on-site battle tag without being a 12th birthday party, who would be a better fit to to DJ than Peaches Geldof?

Her name doesn’t come without mild (okay, major) undertones of her extreme hipster-ness, It girl-ness, and–dare we say it– riding on daddy’s fame-ness, but if you’ve looked at her Twitter feed lately you’d know that at heart she’s just a nerd  with a deep affinity for 2001: A Space Odyssey.

So naturally, it was super exciting to jump on the opportunity to meet the fashion icon herself and, perhaps a tad more so, attend a party that combines battle tag and an open bar. The occasion? Video game developer and publisher Ubisoft moved to a new, shiny-floored, open-concept studio space, and what better way to celebrate this than to trash it with the party of the evening.

Guests were a mixture of Toronto socialites who just couldn’t miss the party, boys of the video game biz and the nerdy lovers of what they produce. The caterers (majority of which being attractive girls in tight skirts) all wore thick glasses with tape around the bridge. Fair enough.

So what’s in the teaches of Peaches? My first question, being a dedicated follower of @peaches_g, and being specifically instructed not to talk about her beau Eli Roth, was about her deeply complex Twitter relationship with @MrsBieberorDie. Says Peaches, “All I can say about that is all will be revealed in about two weeks. It’s hugely post-modern I can’t say anything else.”

Post-modern, eh. Are we to expect a video installation of tweet battles written in their own bodily fluids? Didn’t bother asking–we’re not here to talk about post-modernism. We were there to talk to Peaches about her clothes. And video games. Video games first.

“I never got into Halo or any of that stuff, but when I was younger I used to play Pokemon on N64, and Zelda, I finished Zelda.”

Okay, now clothes. Peaches cites some of her favourite designers as PPQ, Karl Lagerfeld and Phillip Lim. “And Dolce & Gabbana, of course.” Of course. The girl looked lovely in a sheer ruffled dress, chunky-heeled shoes with a leopard detail, and a leather jacket.

The self-described film geek lamented her lack of time in the city for the festival, “I’d love to just stay here and geek out, but I have to go to New York to write up Fashion Week for Nylon.” Well good thing she’s at a Revenge of the Nerds-themed party, where the point was to geek out. And she can be very postmodern about it.

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