Photo by Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images for Grey Goose

TIFF 2018: We Went to the Destroyer Cast Dinner

So I attended a TIFF Party! To help those who couldn’t make it feel like they were there, I completed this comprehensive post-party questionnaire.

What was the party for?

A private dinner with the cast of Destroyer ahead of the film’s premiere.

What brands were present as partners?

Grey Goose and Soho House.

Which celebrities were supposed to be in attendance?

Destroyer stars Nicole Kidman, Sebastian Stan, Bradley Whitford, Tatiana Maslany and Shamier Anderson, as well as the director Karyn Kusama.

Which celebs did you actually spot?

All of the above except Josh Lyman—ahem—Bradley Whitford.

Having seen said celebrities, what did you learn about them? How did they seem? How are they doing, you know?

Nicole Kidman is incredibly gracious and attentive, the kind of person who, when she’s talking to you, looks right into your eyes and actually listens to what you’re saying. Sebastian Stan looks older and more rugged—in a very good way—in person than on screen.

Describe the general vibe.

A low-key, intimate dinner with a steady, low buzz of conversation and the kind of dim lighting that makes everyone look supremely attractive.

Food? Cocktails?
Famed LA chef Ludo Lefebvre was flown over specially for the dinner, and the meal—served family-style—was incredibly delicious: salmon with sorrel sauce and rice pilaf, market vegetable ratatouille, roast chicken, and steak au poivre with frites. The buttery salad served with the chicken, in particular, was superb, as was the Grey Goose espresso martini, dubbed The Sequel in honour of TIFF.

Please repeat one conversation you overheard.

“He smells amazing, like cardamom mint tea.”

If you had to title the party as if it were a film, what would it be called?
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

The picture I painted wasn’t clear enough? Well, here are some photos from inside the party.