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TIFF 2017: Toasting to Unicorn Store with Coffee, Donuts and Confetti

FASHION Reviews Everything TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival is mostly about cinema (obviously). But TIFF isn’t only about films. There are parties to attend, stars to spot on the street, and brand activations everywhere. It’s high time for all aspects of TIFF to get the same critical attention as the films.

Welcome to FASHION Reviews Everything TIFF-related. While this might not be an entirely comprehensive appraisal—it’s as impossible to be at every party as it is to see every film— if we attend anything linked to the Toronto International Film Festival in anyway, we’ll review it here.

Most of the TIFF parties I’ve been to have offered similar experiences: sliders, cocktails and staring at celebrities from across the room. Hey, I’m not complaining! I love free food and drink in a luxury setting, and I really can’t whine about sharing airspace with Idris Elba. Which is why all of my party reviews have been glowingly positive. Aside from the odd cold sliderand the “I think you have the wrong party” looks I get from bouncers at the doorI’ve had nothing bad to say. Except, perhaps, that they’re all pretty predictable.

But I’ve since learned that not all TIFF parties are held at clubs I would never hangout at, and full of people who probably would never talk to me. Nespresso had just the right idea for the Unicorn Store post-premiere celebration: host it at a gay bar, have a donut wall, and hand out confetti blasters. It was the perfect party plan for Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson’s directorial debut, a whimsical, candy-coloured comedy about not wanting to grow up. (Read more about the feel-good flick here.)

It’s comedic—and dare I say genius—that Nespresso put on the event for Unicorn Store. Without spoiling the film, I’ll say this: there’s a scene where Larson’s character, Kit, has a not-so-pleasant run in with a notorious adult beverage. How do you play up a cup of joe? Add alcohol, a cute little pineapple slice, and a pink paper straw. The drink looked and tasted like Unicorn Store in a glass.

Other party notables include feathers, pretzels and a Nespresso coffee bar manned by celebrity latte artist Baritsa Brian. Bags of cheesy kale chips were being handed out at the door — a LOL party favour you’ll only understand once you see the film.


— Glitter, sparkles and rainbows
— Laugh, laugh, cry, laugh
— Growing up is scary
— Samuel L. Jackson is Brie Larson’s “Fairy Godmother”

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