Photo by Ernesto Distefano/Getty Images for Nespresso

TIFF 2017: Nespresso’s Suburbicon Post-Premiere Party

FASHION Reviews Everything TIFF

Toronto International Film Festival is mostly about cinema (obviously). But TIFF isn’t only about films. There are parties to attend, stars to spot on the street, and brand activations everywhere. It’s high time for all aspects of TIFF to get the same critical attention as the films.

Welcome to FASHION Reviews Everything TIFF-related. While this might not be an entirely comprehensive appraisal—it’s as impossible to be at every party as it is to see every film— if we attend anything linked to the Toronto International Film Festival in any way, we’ll review it here.

Here are four facts about the Nespresso Presents the Official Suburbicon Post-Premiere Party with George Clooney that I, having arrived later than the suggested 9pm, can’t dispute:

  • George Clooney and Julianne Moore posed for photos on the red carpet before going inside to the exclusive party
  • George Clooney and Julianne Moore were very gracious in the event and spent time mingling with guests and with the family who inspired the film
  • George Clooney chatted and posed with Nespresso Canada Executives
  • George Clooney was happy to greet fans on his way out and stopped to sign autographs in a sea of fans

While I feel a little bad for Julianne Moore, who didn’t get to start even one of the above sentences, I think this is great news. Because I was ready to complain about how George Clooney hadn’t made it to his own party. But, let that be a lesson to you: just because you can’t see George Clooney, doesn’t mean he’s not nearby, or around, or in that kind of vestibule/patio thing that seems off-limits to regular party folks. In that way, he’s a lot like love, or your long lost father: he’s closer than you think. But mostly inside your heart.

George Clooney had two parties that night (this is Saturday). My friend and I both said we would be attending George Clooney’s party, and so we planned on meeting there. It was only when we couldn’t find each other at said parties that we realized we were each attending a different George Clooney party. Mine was at King Street tapas bar Patria, and his was at the swanky 5-star Winsdor Arms Hotel in Yorkville.

I don’t know about the other George Clooney party, but I know this one—the one which also starred Julianne Moore (also not seen)—had some pretty great mini churro things and a really amazing spot to look over the crowd, which is a favourite party practice of mine. I got to swirl my drink (cocktails were coffee inspired, naturally), and pretend I was having one of those introspective moments you see in cinema, where the hard-partying rogue finally pauses to wonder about the man he’s become. Is it all worth it, he asks.

The answer, though he doesn’t realize it that night, is yes. Because George Clooney was there, even though I didn’t see him.


– George Clooney was here

– So was Julianne Moore!

– Nespresso makes a fine coffee-tini, which they don’t call a coffee-tini.

Rating: ? ? ? ? ?  and a WHY ISN’T THERE A GEORGE CLOONEY EMOJI???