The new Hunger Games: Mockingjay posters look a lot like fashion ads

Mocking Jay District 9 Grain
Mocking Jay District 9 Grain

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Although the next installment of The Hunger Games doesn’t hit theatres until November, seven new haunting posters have been revealed as teasers for the upcoming Mockingjay – Part 1 have been released and well, don’t they look just like Benetton ads? Gripping, stylish and slightly disturbing, these images highlight the unfamiliar faces that the posters claim are the real heroes of each district. With no trace of Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) or Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), it’s an IRL mimic of the film’s dystopian nature.

“Today we celebrate the proud men and women who live and breathe their districts. Today we are one Panem,” says President Snow on The Capitol’s faux website. We can’t help but be taken with the new heroes, which probably has a lot to do with how they are cleverly styled to complement their district. Take Naida Dolan of The Fishing District’s runway-ready fish net gown, or Felix Stam, representing the Livestock District in a mammoth-like dark fur jacket, for example. Or the young girl from District 12 covered in coal soot with a mining helmet beside her and mask in her lap. Stark.

Truly intriguing, this marketing campaign has almost made us forget about the cliff hanger at the end of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. But even with Katniss and Peeta aside, these posters have us longing for November.

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