The Final Exit: Heather

Photography by John van der Schilden

Photography by John van der Schilden

In a slightly shocking turn of events, one-time front runner Heather Delaney was sent home after failing to make an impression at her New York go-sees.

Which part of this experience was the most fun? Which was the most stressful?

The most fun was transforming into a new look each time, from yourself into this crazy, whatever it was. The last shoot in New York was this sort of diva with black hair. That was fun. I might dye my hair black.

The most stressful was judging. You just didn’t know what they were going to say. The first judging ever I actually fell down, I tripped, so that was really horribly embarrassing.

Anything you wish you could do over?

If I could do that moment over, first of all, I wouldn’t trip; second of all, I would not have worn the outfit I wore. It got bashed.

Do you think it was your turn to go? If not, who should have gone?

I kind of feel like it was my turn to go actually.

Are you still planning to pursue a career in modeling?

I’m up in the air on that one but probably not.

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