The culture club: Top 6 things to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon

check out Banana Girls at the Ryerson University Film Festival
Check out Banana Girls at the Ryerson University Film Festival

The work week is over, weekend chores are done, and if you’re one to engage in festive merrymaking on Saturday evenings, Sunday afternoons are usually reserved for repose. However, with the promise of summer sunshine peaking out from just around the bend, Fellow Culturite and intern at The Society Global, Nicole Schaeffer, has recommended her leisurely activities to get you off the couch and out of the house!

An occasional serving of even the trashiest, most self-indulgent, excessive of tabloids can be a healthy break from navigating through office memos and monstrous reply-all threads. Spending an afternoon cloistered in a book shop is a fine way to spend a rainy Sunday. Honestly, is there anything better than cracking the spine of an unopened book? If you’re looking for something meatier than US Weekly, Culturites are currently reading Vicky Ward’s chronicle of the end of Lehman Brothers, The Devil’s Casino.

One part childhood nostalgia mixed with one part sangria seems to equate to an afternoon of juvenile delights. Delving into some basement boxes should yield a variety of options to engage in a round of board games with buds. Remember Gumdrop Mountain from Candy Land? Or Miss Scarlett from Clue? In fact, we spent last Saturday night (and early Sunday morning) playing Trivial Pursuit at Julie’s Snack Bar (202 Dovercourt Rd., 416-532-7397, over a feast of Cuban food and mojitos!

Two is the new four where wheels are concerned, and what could be more happy-go-lucky than a breezy spin through our urban playground? Picture it now: the wind in your hair, cute linen pedal pushers, and a jaunty smile on your face. So carefree and so laidback, you are perfectly insouciant and the envy of all those suckers getting around on foot. Check out the stylish Batavus bikes we covered last week.

With its vintage style electric sign and manually-updated marquee, an afternoon spent in the darkness of The Royal cinema (608 College St., 416-466-4400, will transport you to a more classic era of refinement in film. The theatre showcases a variety of indie and art flicks that you aren’t likely to encounter anywhere else in the city. This weekend, check out the Ryerson University Film Festival (, which showcases the work of the school’s crop of graduating filmmakers.

What could be better than combining two things as wonderful as finger foods and the great outdoors? Leisurely snacking on a cozy blanket while gazing up at lush summertime foliage in Trinity Bellwoods or High Park is guaranteed to alleviate stress and induce dreamy contentment. Menu suggestions include crusty baguette, soft cheese, grapes, potato salad, sliced tomato with feta and basil, and a sparkling beverage of your choosing. We love to hit St. Lawrence market on a Saturday to stock up for the weekend on yummy tapas and family-style goodies!

With beach volleyball courts as far as the eye can see, sandy toes, a sunburned nose and the tune of the ice cream trucks wafting in the background, a day at The Beach is truly a little slice of heaven. Treat yourself to a languid stroll down the promenade and have a little frolic barefoot and fancy free while chasing some gulls across the shoreline. There’s also an abundance of public tennis courts should you want to showcase your athletic prowess. We recommend doing so in a white pleated mini with pink sweatbands so that even if your backhand isn’t up to snuff, you’ll at least be the most stylish player on the court.

Ashleigh Dempster and Amanda Blakley are the co-founders of The Society Global, a social club with chapters in Toronto, New York, L.A. and Miami.  For more info on The Society Global, visit their website,, or follow them on Twitter at

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