The culture club: 6 vendors to see at the Brooklyn Flea

A recent trip to Brooklyn Flea at One Hanson last weekend was beyond successful. Housed inside the former Williamsburg Savings Bank, a Brooklyn landmark, it is full of all kinds of delights for the senses.

The market was a sea of mustaches, plaid shirts (despite the 100 degree heat) and Ray-Ban glasses for the men and vintage flower dresses and leather Moroccan sandals on ladies. The entire experience was a sensory overload, making it extremely hard to narrow it all down to a top six list, but after hours of sifting through the treasures, here’s the list of our top six vendors at the Brooklyn Flea:

Pupusa’s: We arrived with empty bellies and headed straight for the foodie area. Though everything smelled amazing, the Salvadoran Pupusa’s piqued our interest with their list of different stuffings. A pupusa is essentially a tortilla pancake, stuffed with meat, veggies or beans (in various combinations). It’s served with a side of a vinegary cabbage salad, hot sauce, sour cream and jalapeno peppers. Amazing flavors that exploded in our mouths.

Re-surface ( A company that is all about repurposing older items into new artistic creations was on site selling beautiful antique typewriters. The clickety-clack of the typebars made one Culturite nostalgic for her childhood version.

Kumquat Cupcakery ( We thought we had seen the end of this trend, but cupcakes seem to be here to stay. With new flavour combinations concocted all the time, the Kumquat Cupcakery really caught our eyes with their maple bacon cupcake. They seem to be pushing the flavor boundaries with a ton of success!

Blint Design (  Delicate, fresh and feminine jewellery with an edgy twist, Elma’s designs are not only whimsical but quite affordable.

McClure’s Pickles ( McClure’s Pickles are salty, sour, crispy and spicy. The new bar from which all pickles are to be measured.  Leave it to hip Brooklynites to re-popularize grandma’s favourite springtime hobby.

People’s Pops ( These aren’t your childhood popsicles. Replace pedestrian flavours like orange and grape with rhubarb lavender and apricot violet. Organic, homemade delicacies sure to cool you down during the next heat wave. If these babies don’t do the trick, try the old fashioned shaved ice – shaved to order from a 75 lb block of solid ice, topped with syrup made from local fruit. 7-11’s got nothing on these.

To see the sights of the Brooklyn Flea, check out the images below.

Ashleigh Dempster and Amanda Blakley are the co-founders of The Society Global, a social club with chapters in Toronto, New York, L.A. and Miami.  For more info on The Society Global, visit their website,, or follow them on Twitter at

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