The culture club: 6 quick fixes for blisters, brassiness and other summer emergencies

A friend and member of The Society NYC, Kelly Barrett is our go-to gal for any problems. We realized this on a recent night out with her in Miami. We danced to the sweet sounds of Bob Sinclair at Casa Tua until the wee hours of the morning and the aftermath was battered feet, torn to shreds by our adorable summer footwear. Luckily, our friend is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to tips and tricks for taking care of these mishaps (and avoiding them in the first place). Here are Kelly’s top six cheap-and-cheerful fixes for those little summer emergencies:

Band-Aid’s Friction Block ($10, is a summer essential for your feet. It’s an invisible soft solid that’s applied like a tiny deodorant stick to vulnerable areas, like your heels or between your toes. Your shoes literally glide over those tough spots, preventing blisters.  You will never worry about breaking in a new pair of shoes again.

No need to fret about a see-through swimsuit—these silicone gel petals ($9 for 5 pairs, have you covered. They’re comfortable, provide smooth coverage and are reusable. Perfect for backless looks, or any other outfit where you’d rather skip the bra.

Miss Oops Rescue Sponges ($11, are little reuseable wonders that erase deodorant stains and powder smudges.

If you’re suffering from redness and razor bumps on your bikini line and are still suffering from redness, razor bumps—try treating with a dab of Visine.

When your blonde highlights (or lowlights) are getting a bit too brassy, a violet shampoo will give you a quick lift without having to hit the salon. Try: Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo ($13, at select salons) or Phyto Phytoargent Shampoo ($27,

A lavender-scented room spray freshens up your space in a flash. (Ideal for last-minute houseguests!) Mist it on linens, pillows, towels, sofas, and rugs and your guests will feel like they are visiting your personal spa.  Try: L’Occitane Lavender Home Perfume ($30,

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