Sundance: Day six

Still of Josh Hartnett from Austin Chick’s, August.

The press room is a-buzz today, with news of Heath Ledger’s death. Journalists, many of whom cover the Hollywood beat, share their shock at the news of the actor’s assumed drug overdose. Junkets are being rearranged, the reason for which is speculated to be so to allow friends of the actor to grieve.

I leave the heaviness of the town behind and head up the mountains where the TMG luxury suite is tucked away. Basically a log mansion, the “suite” offers a variety of treats, from spa treatments to the sleek eco-friendly Mineralogie beauty line to Curr, undoubtedly the most talked-about dietary supplement today. Stars including Tom Arnold pass by to get through to the spa area—not the sort of guy you’d expect would get a facial.

Sushi for dinner and then to Josh Hartnett’s August premiere party. Directed by Austin Chick, August reveals the underbelly of e-commerce, experienced through the brutal optimism of its would-be forefathers. But the film’s premiere party, throw at the Delta Lounge in the middle of Main Street is sparse and obviously under a cloud. Only a handful of the stars are in attendance. My interviews with the young cast have all been cancelled.

The streets are nearly half the crowd they were only a night ago, and sure to be thinning even more as the end of the festival approaches.

By Jennifer Lee

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