Street style, WayHome 2016: 23 shots from the second annual music fest

street style wayhome 2016 11
Photography courtesy of David Pike/Topshop

WayHome touched down in Ontario this past weekend with a lot of excitement (and a ferris wheel, to boot). The music festival has been quite successful in not only drawing in some top performers like Metric and The Killers, but also huge crowds who are happy to camp out on the grounds in Burl’s Creek Event Grounds. You’d figure roughing it at a music festival would result in festival-goers not looking their finest, but the crowd at WayHome certainly proved us wrong. With Topshop Topman as the Official Fashion Sponsor for the festival, everyone looked totally chic and believe it or not, refreshed.

Click through the gallery to see the most stylish looks from Wayhome 2016.