Spotted: Jason Stackhouse asking us for a restaurant recommendation

We were meeting a friend at Queen and Spadina last night, when suddenly True Blood‘s Ryan Kwanten appeared before us, street lights glinting off of his skin like he’s about to take down some drug-dealing werepanthers. But he did not ask us to join him on an ill-advised spree of justice, but instead inquired where could he find a good place to eat for about 10 people. After blankly staring for a moment, we managed to mumble something about Terroni, but that was deemed too far a walk for the group that we’re pretty sure contained Kwanten’s mom. There was some exchange about BQM and booths, but we were too busy trying play it cool and not turn into a squealing tween to process what anyone was saying. We later spotted Kwanten et al eating and playing pool at the Black Bull. Sorry we couldn’t do better for you, Jason Stackhouse.