5 magic spells you were able to purchase on Etsy until this month

Watch out world, there might be hoards of angry witches out and about now that their online home base, Etsy, has banned the sale of witchcraft and magic related items. After having been exiled from Ebay back in 2012, sorceresses of all kinds flocked to Etsy, an online retailer for all things handmade and independent. For a while, a thriving community of spell makers existed on Etsy, and their range of goods and services abounded. In loving memory of this unique online marketplace, we’ve complied a list of the best spells that you used to be able to buy on Etsy (and they’re surprisingly affordable!)

Sex life improvement, $23.60
At this Etsy store, a dedicated witch would have sent you a spellvelope filled with the appropriate herbs and roots and minerals relevant to your chosen spell (one of which is an improved sex life). After receiving said spellvelope, the proper magical oils would be added before the packet is burnt ceremoniously with a magic candle. If the spell doesn’t work, the candle might just get you in the mood.

Ex-lover vengeance, $12.45
This particular conjuring oil was meant for work that needed to be done in secret, or for working in darker forms of magic such as revenge or restitution. Used to anoint candles, in spell work or rituals, it doubled as a bath oil and personal scent. Score!

Hell box, $52.54
This charming little item promised to hold on to all of your negative feelings of revenge, anger and hate, so that you didn’t have to. And if you preferred to keep your fiery passions alive, as the item description says, “the box can always be used for decorative purposes.”

Future lover prediction, $18.91
This package included an emailed tarot card reading as well as a bonus digital download. You could find out all the details about your next lover including eye colour, personality and where/when to meet them. You could have even found out if marriage was likely (and for that matter, divorce).

Cash and success summoning candle, $19.95
Forget Linkedin, try getting a job with this candle instead. The candle promised both insta-cash and career opportunities further down the road. Plus, the purchase included a special anointing oil, so you could make extra-sure that the cash would start flowing in so you could finally buy that new pair of shoes you’ve been wanting (or you know, just pay the rent).

If you’re in urgent need of any of these items, worry not, your opportunity to get a hold of these life changing spells may not be past. You can sign a petition asking Etsy to lift the ban, and hopefully in the future, you’ll finally be able to get revenge on your ex.