Social Media Star: Alexandra Evjen on TV talk show appearances, Pinterest collabs and fashion fandom

Alexandra Evjen Social Media Star
Alexandra Evjen Social Media Star

Each Friday, we’ll be profiling one of our favourite movers and shakers on social media. From the pop-up power of Pinterest to the beautifully crafted images on Instagram, we’re learning the tricks of the trade from the ladies that do it best (and most stylishly, of course).

Stylist, personal shopper, mother and social media maven Alexandra Evjen is the definition of a tastemaker. Based in Phoenix, Evjen founded her own styling business AVE Styles to “help men and women feel confident in their appearance.” Like us, Evjen is a firm believer in the power of social media, and credits her Instagram and Facebook as valued networking tools. Most impressive, however, is her Pinterest account that has over 900,000 followers! Not your average fashion-obsessed pin-star, Evjen’s Pinterest influence branches far beyond outfit inspiration to the worlds of home décor, food and more (though she says fashion is her biggest obsession).

Evjen credits her impressive number of Pinterest followers to “joining the social media platform early.” We think it’s more a reflection of her covetable style. Between appearing on Good Morning Arizona’s “Pinterest Interest” segment to being featured on Arizona Midday, Evjen’s presence on Pinterest is the stuff social media—and mainstream media—dreams are made of. The list of opportunities she’s been offered through Pinterest is a long one. Her favourite experience so far: “working with Glamour magazine and Revlon… to curate a dedicated board to 2013’s hottest colours.” And Evjen’s not slowing down anytime soon. Her expertise in Pinterest marketing has provided her with a slew of new opportunities, including “styling content for brands specifically for Pinterest.” If Pinterest is the marketing tool of the future, Evjen is steps ahead of the game.

We got to know the multi-tasking pinner for our Social Media Star feature.

You pin about everything from fashion to food, what are you most passionate about?
Fashion, fashion and fashion. Did I say fashion? Haha. I’m a fashion stylist by trade, so I use Pinterest as inspiration tool for editorial projects and personal styling clients. 

Where do you draw inspiration from?
The seasons of the year definitely dictate a lot of my pins. I would also say that my love for contemporary and mid-century modern architecture play a role of influence on my fashion pins. 

Between being a stylist and pinning, what do you do in your spare time?
I have a beautiful one-year-old daughter that keeps me very busy. I’ve also been married for six and a half years to my amazing husband Ryan. Every free moment between Pinterest and styling is spent with them. 

How do you explain your impressive number of Pinterest followers?
I think it’s a combination of joining the social media platform early, staying active on Pinterest and only pinning things that I personally love. 

Which other Pinners are you a fan of?
There are so many! Here are a few that have great style, but not that many people know about…
Sarah Tolzmann
Alicia Lund
Holly Darling

What advantages do you think Pinterest has over other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter?
Not only do you get to enjoy pretty images, but when you click on them they take you to great DIY posts, shopping sites and style blogs that you may not know about. There are so many brands and blogs that I have become a fan of just because of Pinterest. 

How has Pinterest helped you to develop your personal brand?
It has given me confidence in my taste and eye for fashion. The fashion industry is extremely competitive, and there have been many times when I’ve questioned whether or not I had what it took to make it. Success on Pinterest has definitely given me more confidence. 

What do you think of Pinterest as a networking tool?
I think it’s a great tool for discovering new talents and brands, but it’s not my go-to tool for communicating with people. I actually love Instagram and Facebook more for networking.

Of the opportunities that you’ve been provided with through Pinterest, which one was your favourite?
Definitely working with Glamour magazine and Revlon this whole year to curate a dedicated board to 2013’s hottest colours. Dream come true!

Do you have any exciting projects coming up?
I do! I’ve recently started styling content for brands specifically for Pinterest. There are several tips and tricks on how to optimize the success of your images on Pinterest. It has been amazing to combine my two strengths into one. 

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