SNP’s TIFF word of the day: Meet-cute

Word: Meet-cute

Meaning: A romantic-comedy trope in which two future lovers meet in a wildly unlikely and thus totally fateful way.

Usage: “Oscar and Amy fall in love. And what a Meet Cute they have! On their first evening together, they go out for the evening, their taxi explodes (yes, explodes) and they run in the rain and wade in the mud and find a restaurant where they eat tuna melts that make them sick and they run outside and hurl. This is the Meet Cute as Meet Puke.” ― Roger Ebert in his review of Three to Tango, 1999.

You should know it because: It’s TIFF, and everyone’s looking for meet-cutes—just not at the movies. Reports swirl of junior publicists and J-list actresses having extended breakfast “meetings” at the Ritz, not at alllll because Ryan Gosling was reported to be staying there, of course. And at “intimate” parties (just you, the stars, and 500 industry members), girls who have been walking in knife-heels since puberty literally trip over Michael Fassbender. But, of course, that’s missing the point: meet-cutes can’t be contrived by either of the potential lovers, only by the hand of some scriptwriter in the sky. When a model type in an Herve Leger knockoff “stumbles” into a too-suave Gerard Butler at the Soho House, we call that a meet-not-so-cute.

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