SNP’s TIFF word of the day: Madgesty

Word: Madgesty

Meaning: The singular world-reigning effect of the one, the only Madonna.

Usage: To quote (and slightly alter) Ovid, “Madgesty and love do not consort well together, nor do they dwell in the same place.”

You should know it because: Well, how could you not? The Duchess of Cambridge may not have visited fair Toronto, but, instead, we got the Queen herself: Madonna. And unless you were living under a cellular service–blocking slab of cement, you heard.

Her Madgesty descended yesterday for the TIFF premiere of her newest directorial effect, W.E. The gala was followed by a VVVIP dinner atop the Soho House; even a floor or two below, I could feel the low unsettling buzz of all that star-wattage. I could try to explain to you the dizzying, breathless-making, cynicism- and sense-overpowering Madgesterial Effect, but I’d rather present—without comment—a series of tweets from those lucky enough to stand in the presence of the Queen. Ahem:

“God? Life is a mystery, everyone must stand alone.I hear you call my name and it feels like Home” Today is THE day!” ― @NicholasMe, creative director at The Room at The Bay

“Panic! Traffic’s a mess and I’m late!! Madonna’s due on the red carpet at any minute… Will I make it in time for my photo op?? DRAMA!” ― @Jeanne_Beker, who needs no intro.

“Madonna to me: ‘hi Derick. I can’t hug you my dress is too tight’ So she held my arm. And the room spinned.” ― @DerickChetty, fashion editor, Toronto Star

“Madonna eats PASTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ― our very own, slightly tongue-in-chic @BernadetteMorra

“Madonna just waved goodbye. Disco bag slung sideways. Chic moment at the @thehudsonbayco soiree.” ― @Suzanne_Boyd, editor-in-chief, Zoomer

“Here we are! Madonna + me… She really is the ultimate STAR. Very lucky to have basked in her glow.” ― @Jeanne_Beker

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