Image via YouTube/Sesame Street

Sia Sings (and Shows her Face!) on Sesame Street

"S" if for Sia singing about songs

Guest starring on Sesame Street is a celebrity rite of passage. Are you ever *really* famous if you haven’t been invited to hang out with Elmo and the crew? Hundreds of famous faces have made cameos on the hit PBS children’s show: Amy Adams, Aziz Ansari, Julie Andrews, Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba…and that’s only the As!

Sia is the most recent celeb to make pals with the Muppets. The Australian songstress joined the Sesame Street cast wearing a very (very) large pink hair bow, a red clown nose and a cropped version of her signature two-toned wig. Yes, that’s a whole lot of statement accessories. BUT, we can see a lot more of Sia than we’re used to.

What prompted the notoriously mysterious singer to show a little more skin? It’s hard to say. If last week’s wig-less walk through LAX is any indication, we’ll be seeing more and more of Sia’s face in the future.

Ft. backup vocals by Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover and Abbey (each wearing their own Sia-inspired wig), watch Sia give a musical lesson on the letter “S.”

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