Here’s a Shirtless Chris Hemsworth Working Out

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Hello, Chris Hemsworth!

Recently, the Australian actor shared his beastly workout routine on Instagram and everyone is freaking out.


We’ll give you a minute to regain consciousness. Back? Good.

In the video, Hemsworth is seen intensely working out with his personal trainer, Luke Zokki (@zocobodypro), sans shirt. Let’s just say no one is complaining about the view.

Judging from the routine (and his huffing and grunting), staying in shape for his iconic role in Marvel’s Thor is no child’s play. We witness the 33-year-old dad pumping iron, tossing a not-so-light medicine ball, doing battle rope exercises and tackling chin-ups. Honestly, if anyone had any doubts of him being casted as Thor, they aren’t thinking them now.

When it comes to the actor’s Instagram game, he’s quite the motivational health guru. In case you don’t follow the actor on IG (who are you?), he’s very diligent in posting his many intense workout routines every so often.

Gettin ready to fight the Hulk

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Did we mention he enjoys working out with his equally-fit wife, Elsa Pataky? #CoupleGoals.

While the next instalment of Thor: Ragnarok isn’t due to come out in theatres until later this year, we’ll just be sitting here and watching his workout video over and over (and over) again to help pass the time. Nothing like a shirtless Hemsworth to get us through the mid-week slum, right?

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