Shia LaBeouf really went for it at TIFF last night

Photography courtesy of Grey Goose

Well guys, we did it. We survived (almost) the first week of TIFF, and believe me when I tell you nobody was more excited than everybody at Grey Goose Soho House on Tuesday night.

Granted, it was generally a subdued excitement (we’re all adults here, people) with Room star Brie Larson and her glorious hair greeting and hugging novelist/the film’s writer Emma Donoghue on the main floor, while Sarah Silverman is said to have been sitting nearby.

But not even they High School Musical atmosphere of the lower level “We’re all in this together”) could rival the dynamic of the Man Down celebrations on the venue’s second level. Upstairs, Kate Mara and her pixie cut sat and snacked in a striking print jacket (because stars are just like us how many times do I have to tell you), while co-star Shia LaBeouf really went for it.

“It,” of course, being an orange he allegedly procured upon arriving to the party—as well as a tray of glasses we heard he knocked down (with his head, poor dude) after avoiding a camera. And I mean, hey: post-secondary school law dictates that Tuesday night calls for a good time, so that may also explain Shia’s good spirits and/or his tendencies to sprawl across a booth sans jacket with a big ole pizza slice in his mouth, giving the party a feel of a super-chill albeit revved-up wedding as opposed to a meticulously planned and/or plotted soiree. This also means it was very hard not to approach him to ask about Even Stevens and/or Disturbia since he seemed so excited to be alive and also willing to mingle.

But alas, I did not. After all, it was my last night on the TIFF party circuit, and I didn’t want to blow it. Especially since they’d begun serving tiny oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies at the end of the party, and I really didn’t want to risk losing a chance to score more next year, obviously. TIFF, you treasure, it’s been a blast.