Serena, Blair, Chuck and Dan are going to Mexico! Watch the teaser trailer for Gossip Girl Acapuclo

Gossip Girl Acapulco
Gossip Girl Acapulco

If you’ve ever gone on a tropical vacation and fallen more in love with local TV shows than the beach, listen up: Mexico is producing a Spanish version of Gossip Girl. Dubbed Gossip Girl Acapulco, we were first delighted by the discovery of pictures of the cast and today our glee came full circle with the release of five minute teaser trailer for the show.

You don’t even need to speak Spanish to follow along, as Gossip Girl Acapulco seems to borrow its plot from the original. However, the streets of New York City have been replaced with beaches, palm trees and infinity pools, all the characters drive top-down BMWs and Gossip Girl herself has lost the blog and now relies on Twitter to spread salacious intel. (And uses some pretty good hashtags while doing so, like #KillMeNow and #LuckyBitch.)

While we’re pretty much hooked, the style on Gossip Girl Acapulco does leave us wanting more. Sofia (Serena) doesn’t have the same flowing hair and seems to only wear casual beach cover-up dresses. And there’s not even a single shot of Barbara (Blair) in the teaser! (Perhaps the costume department is still busy sourcing headbands?) We will give points to Max (Chuck), though, because he looks just as dapper as his New York counterpart with an extra dose of Nacho Figueras-esque polo player charm. Watch the full trailer below and let us know: are you excited for a full episode of Gossip Girl Acapulco to air?

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