Royal wedding countdown: Just 1 more day!

Photo by Anwar Hussein/WireImag

Dress, hair, hat, shoes, honeymoon… If there’s one thing the royal wedding has presented us with, it’s been constant speculation⎯more or less, one big guessing game. But, there’s one detail crucial to the future Queen that hasn’t received as much media attention as the others⎯her tiara!

There are a few contenders for the crown Kate will recieve, and since her family has no ties to royalty (yet), it’s unlikely they have one stashed away for her. Here are a few possibilities, along with a mini history lesson.

The Cambridge Lover’s Knot, which was made in 1911 for Queen Mary, was given to Princess Diana, William‘s mother, and may be handed down to Kate.

Also a possibility? The Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara. This number was Queen Mary’s as well, and is made up of over ten different diamond patterns, with pearl and emerald pendants hanging from each design. Um, yes please?

While this tiara has been hidden away for quite sometime, some royal ‘experts’ are betting that Kate may bring it out for the wedding – the Duchess of Teck Rose and Crescent Tiara, again, owned by Queen Mary, and passed down from her mother, Princess Adelaide.

One crown you can probably rule out? The Delhi Durbar, which Camilla wore at her recent wedding to Prince Charles. It was made by the famous jewelers Garrard for Queen Mary during the Delhi Durbar in 1911, when Mary ruled India.

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