Royal wedding countdown: Day 4

In regards to the Royal Wedding, the threads which weave the fabric of our patience are wearing a little thin. With only 3 days remaining, and our anticipation amounting, we’re onto assessing the final details, like Kate’s hair and how it will hold up her newly-bestowed crown jewels.

Modern Beehive
Thanks to her runway strut in a certain mesh mini, we know that Kate Middleton likes to take a risk and enjoy a good party. We’d love to see Kate adorn a modern beehive as a nod to those who love to Twist & Shout their way out of a polite, English upbringing.
Pump up the volume with Sally Hershberger’s Plump Up Thickening Mist ($13 at Shoppers Drug Mart), then get down and dirty with all your fab friends.

Marie Antoinette
Just like Marie Antoinette stuck up for her Austrian kinsmen, we have a feeling that Ms. Middleton would do the same for us common folk. Of course we don’t want anything tragic to happen to our future Queen of England, but her hair worn high and elaborate à la the ill-fated French monarch, would send the message that, though Royal and regal, this Queen’s on our side. Hold your hair tight and towering with L’Oreal’s Elnett Satin Hairspray ($15 at drugstores)

Sassy Sassoon
As fast as she can sell out a Burberry trench, Kate Middleton has become Britain’s most famous, modern-day style icon. Her dark, straight, and shiny hair wouldn’t have made it through the 60’s without a shape by Vidal Sassoon, and we feel April 28th is a good time for Kate to get serious about her influence on fashion and culture, and thank those who blazed trails before her. Spray your way to shiny bounce with Schwarzkopf’s Professional BC Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner ($17 at salons)

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