It’s on: Wills & Kate take off for their honeymoon!

Photography by Keystone Press
Photography by Keystone Press

The Duke and Duchess have finally jetted off to… Seychelles!
After waiting 11 days for Wills to wrap up his RAF commitments, the couple reportedly left Monday for a villa off the Indian Ocean.

Why Seychelles? Besides the gorgeous beaches, balmy temps and dips in the ocean, the ($6,500 a night!) villa of their choice also offers one key feature⎯total privacy. Even Kate wasn’t aware of the exact location until they took off! The duo touched down via private helicopter, and the island is said to not be otherwise reachable (sorry, paparazzos!).

A royal insider said: “After the glitter and excitement of their wedding and all the organization it involved, they can’t wait to spend some quality time on their own.” Well deserved, no?

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