Roadtrippin’ Instagram style: 13 spellbinding views of the U.S.A, as photo’d through Sarah Nicole Prickett’s iPhone

You don’t understand America until you drive through it, and then you still don’t understand it. The vastness of the country is matched only by the vastness of differences in its people, in its states—states that become states of being. In Arizona, things are one way (both conservative and banally super-weird), and then the second you cross into California, things are a whole other way (sunnier, desultory, laissez-faire). Accents, attitudes, signage change with the scenery. And oh God, the scenery. As I drove—and when I say “I,” what I mean is my boy lover, because the only thing I can drive is a point home, and sometimes not even that—I took pictures. So many pictures. Pictures of the sky and moons and stunning bridges and unwittingly hilarious signs and myself and more sky. Here are 13 of my favourite things in the U.S. of EHHHHH?

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