7 Questions We Have About the Game of Thrones Finale

I hate to be the raven of bad news, but it could be *two years* before we see new Game of Thrones episodes. Which means we’re going to be sitting on our questions from last night’s Season 7 finale for a looooooonnnngggg time. While I wait on someone to DM me a link to leaked info about Season 8, here are the thoughts persuading me to pick up a George R.R. Martin book:

1. Who are we shipping Brienne with?

All season I thought I was rooting for a Tormund x Brienne of Tarth love affair. But then I saw Brienne x the Hound acting like divorced couple co-parenting their assassin child, Arya. And then I saw Brienne x Jaime make eye contact, and it brought back a flood of emotions circa season 3 and a bath tub. If Brienne doesn’t get a fairytale happily ever after in season 8, I’m going to want a refund.

2. Why did they take the zombie box down those stairs to begin with?


That just seems time and labour inefficient. And TBH, watching the Hound lug a box around like an over prepared backpacker didn’t make the Wight reveal any more shocking. I also don’t understand how a pile of dead skin and bones is so heavy?

3. What’s going to happen to Jaime?


Hands up if you feel personally victimized by that Jaime x Cersei x the Mountain scene. I’m sorry, but can we please stop teasing the death of the King slayer? Every time Jaime Lannister inches closer to his death, I realize that I’m rooting for one of the bad guys. Despite Jaime’s (very) questionable tendencies, he’s still one of the most loved characters on the show. Now that he’s betrayed his sister/lover/Queen, where does he go? Will he head North and bend the knee to Dany? Will he be the newest member of Jon Snow’s suicide squad? Will be ride into the sunset with Brienne of Tarth and make beautiful blonde haired knight babies?

4. What was Tyrion’s deal in that Jon + Dany scene?


Jon and Daenerys went all the way this week — and the most awkward part wasn’t that it it’s incest. While ice and fire rocked the boat, a surprise guest made an appearance (and no, we’re not talking about Jon Snow’s butt.) We all knew that this sex scene was going down, but we DIDN’T know that Tyrion would be creeping down the hallway looking sad AF. What’s the deal Tyrion? Don’t tell me you’re in love with Dany now, too? Jealous love for Daenerys would explain why Tyrion was so dead-set against her rescuing Jon and Jorah from beyond the Wall. And, it would explain why

5. Is Dany going to be pregnant?


Back in season 1 a witch told Dany she was infertile, and Dany has been holding onto that thought ever since. It wasn’t until Jon Snow came along and pointed out that “maybe a witch isn’t the best source” that the mother of dragons started prospecting being a mother of humans. As a follow up to that steamy scene about reproduction, we saw Jon and Dany consummate their love for reals. Does this mean Dany find herself pregnant with a non-fire-breathing heir in season 8?

6. Where is Bronn?


Ok, I fully support Jaime’s treasonous abandonment, but where the heck is Bronn? Did that King Slayer just up and leave his trusty side kick in King’s Landing with his murderous twin sister / baby mama? What about Bronn’s safety? More importantly: what about his castle?

7. Did Tormund survive the White Walker dragon attack?


This was only real cliff hanger of the episode. We know Tormund was at Eastwatch when the Night King and his ice dragon arrived at the wall. We saw him screaming, and we saw him running— but we didn’t see him dying. We also didn’t see him not dying. First of all: after the horrifying death of Hodor, we can’t stand to lose the series’ sole heartwarming character. Second of all: if he does die, he deserves so much more than an off screen departure.

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