Prince Harry’s 10 Best / Worst / Most LOL Moments

Happy 33rd Birthday to the royal favourite.

Prince Harry 30
Photography by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images


There’s just something about Harry. It’s hard to believe that Prince William’s mischievous younger brother—who will soon lose his fourth-in-line status to a much-anticipated baby bump—has captured our hearts for three decades.

Prince Harry may be synonymous with royal scandal, but he’s just as gifted at getting noticed for practical jokes and charitable initiatives alike. Today, Prince Harry turns 32, and what better way to celebrate our favourite redhead than to look back at some of his most devious, delightful or (if you’re the Queen) disappointing moments yet.

That time he told the future king he was smoking pot.

While the rest of us spent our teenage years trying to hide any and all bad behaviour from our parents, a 16-year-old Prince Harry confessed to getting high. Prince Charles opted to set him straight by sending him to rehab for a day, however we’ll let you be the judge of whether or not it worked…

The never-ending speculation about the source of his red hair.

True, this one’s on the late Princess Diana rather than Harry. Is he actually the love child of James Hewitt? Probably not: most royal followers—even the ones who love a scandal!—admit it’s totally false.

His hilarious reply to the news that another royal baby (read: Princess Charlotte) was on the way.

“I can’t wait to see my brother suffer more. If it’s a girl, he’ll suffer even more. I’d love to see him try and cope with that,” he once said.

That Halloween costume.

Not cool, Harry. Not cool at all.

A dedication to charity work that takes getting involved to the next level.

While other royals pass the time by attending ribbon cuttings and tree plantings, Harry can be found trekking through sub-zero temps to the South Pole in support of wounded soldiers.

His preference for:

Fun-loving, boho blondes who could care less about marrying into the royal family.

His preferred method of getting over a break up…

Upon realizing he does indeed have to settle down with someone who wants to marry into the royal family. (It’s twerking, FYI.)

The fact that he’s actually sensitive and sweet.

This summer while in Brazil, he started crying when speaking to two young girls about the death of their mother. Too soon for a swoon?

The way Kate Middleton lights up whenever Prince Harry is around.

A non-stop schedule of stuffy royal events doesn’t seem so daunting when you get to have hilarious Harry by your side.

Two words: Las Vegas.