Power play

All photos by Sarah Nicole Prickett
All photos by Sarah Nicole Prickett

This past Thursday, FASHION went Powerballin’ at the Power Plant’s 11th annual “original contemporary art party,” the Power Ball. Co-chaired by Cleophee Eaton, Michael Cooper and Queen West gallery guy Clint Roenisch, the trailer-trash bash was as much about raising hell as raising funds. Design duo du jour Castor hauled in their high-kitsch Winnebago and–what swine flu?–a real, live-looking pig roast. Next door, art (and bar) star Dean Baldwin slung vodka and Kool-Aid to the likes of Drake Hotel-ier Jeff Stober. In the “video outhouse,” scandalous “private parties” became less so, as they were broadcast to the big screen inside; other projections included “Mad Max” and a “Conceptual Art soft porn peep show.” Speaking of which, avant-garde skin-flick director Bruce LaBruce was there, palling around with artist Agathe Snow and DJ Rory Them Finest. Playing to the party’s “One Louder” credo, local folk-rock heroes $100 had  the Toronto Roller Derby crew two-stepping with so-called “socials” and the designers they love, like Nada Shepherd and necklace artisan Maryam Keyhani. See these and more of the night’s big moments and best dressed below.

A Lovely doing her best Gucci boho Russe impression.
Bruce LaBruce (left) and DJ Rory Them Finest
Butt out. (I think this was art.)
Jen McNeely, president of Shedoesthecity.com
Jewellery designer Maryam Keyhani wearing one of her own creations.
Designer Nada Shepherd
One of the cats from Toronto Roller Derby.
Studio Gallery director Vanessa Gronowski

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