2016 in Review: The 10 Most Popular Memes of the Year

Google released its list of the most trending topics of 2016 this morning, and our meme-loving eyes went straight to the ten most searched, most trending memes that 2016 gave us. It may not have been a great year in many ways (okay, most ways) with the death of some of the most iconic musicians on the planet (Prince, Bowie) and the U.S. election results, but it was certainly a good year for memes.

Browse the list below for the top ten of 2016.

10. DJ Khaled

9. Dab

8. Drake Sitting on Things

7. Bad Hombres

6. Sad Ben Affleck

5. Ted Cruz Zodiac Killer

4. Crying Jordan

3. Ken Bone

2. Damn Daniel

1. Harambe