People Are Loving this Mini Hannah Montana Reunion

As they should.

ICYMI, there was a Hannah Montana reunion, and luckily we caught it.

Recently, Emily Osment, who plays Miley Cyrus’s BFF Lilly in the hit Disney series, ran into her former co-star Jason Earles (he played Hannah Montana’s annoying brother, Jackson) on a hike. Although a crucial member of the cast (ahem, Miley Cyrus) was not present, the two documented the rare run-in with an uber-cute photo.

It’s been over six years since the last airdate of the Hannah Montana series, so we can see why many fans were vocal about missing the show and the rest of the cast.

While many were smitten by the mini reunion, others just couldn’t keep it together.

Judging from the hundreds of reactions, one thing’s for sure: A Hannah Montana full cast reunion is due.


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