Photography courtesy of Penguin Random House Canada

Penguin Book Shop Gets a ‘Bawse’ Makeover with Lilly Singh

With over 11 million social media followers, Canadian YouTube sensation Lilly Singh is well on her way to taking over the world. And with an alias like “Superwoman,” you know she probably will.

The digital powerhouse has officially taken over Penguin Shop. In celebration of her first book, How to be a Bawse, the publisher surprised Singh with a floor-to-ceiling redesign of its dynamic Toronto storefront. Dubbed the “Bawse” headquarters, Penguin Shop features Lilly Singh-branded book spines, special merchandising and a #BawseBook floor graphic. Because a larger-than-life personality deserves a larger-than-life book display.

When you come home and the city shows you love. Toronto, you are my heart. Thank you @penguinshopto ??❤ #BawseBook

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Stop by Penguin Shop over the next couple of weeks to get your own (signed!) copy of Singh’s no-nonsense guide to happiness and success. She’s not just surviving life; she’s conquering it.

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