Photography by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Nobody Can Pull Off a Nip Slip Like Chrissy Teigen

Playful AND professional

Our “reasons we love Chrissy Teigen” list just keeps on growing. With feisty tweets, honest interviews and an endless stream of drool-worthy food porn, the new mom knows how to keep it real. And now there’s one more thing…the 31-year-old model manages wardrobe malfunctions like a serious pro.

On Tuesday, Teigen took to the stage at Madison Square Garden with her talented hubby, John Legend. The duo swayed onstage to the singer’s 2006 ballad “Slow Dance,” owning up to their title as sexiest couple alive.

But as the Grammy winner twirled his wife, a little bit of left boob popped out of her flowing black jumpsuit. OOPS!

With a sassy pose and cheeky smile, Chrissy owned the mishap like the IDGAF queen she is. She grabbed the mic, said a quick sorry, and the show went on.

But wait! The story gets better. At the end of the night, Legend tweeted about the experience, revealing that it was the first time (ever!) that Teigen has danced with him onstage. We sure hope it won’t be the last.

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