Nicole Richie hit Toronto to celebrate with TNT. We’ve got a Q&A!

Nicole Ritchie shot by Jenna Marie Wakani
Nicole Ritchie shot by Jenna Marie Wakani

Last night, the stylish set filled the new TNT flagship at Toronto’s Hazelton Lanes in Yorkville to celebrate the store’s 20th anniversary as well as to peep the brand new multileveled shopping emporium, which has expanded to 18,000 square feet. That means even more space for ultra-covetable merch from Helmut Lang, The Row, Theyskens’ Theory and more! Across the sprawling space, homegrown likes of Greta Constantine, Payne, and Camille and Laurence were all on hand to debut their newest collections and raise a glass (and a pretty penny) in honour of the Toronto Fashion Incubator.

While the soirée seemed to attract just about every designer, socialite and fashion personality around⎯even Dan Levy came home from LaLa land to make an appearance!⎯the real star of the night was deb-cum-designer Nicole Richie, who hit the town to promote her lines House of Harlow and Winter Kate. We snatched her away from legions of adoring fans to chat about all things style and asked if a Canadian collab could be in the works!

Was there any one person who inspired your latest looks?
There isn’t really one person or thing that inspires me. I took most of my inspiration from the 1960s and 1970s, because it was a time when the concept of ‘clashing’ didn’t exist. Everyone played with colour, and different fabrics, and I love that.

You’ve introduced a selection of eyewear into your collection, and you were recently quoted saying that you have something like 200 pairs of sunglasses. What’s with you and the shades?
Honestly, I just really don’t know how to do my make up, so I never wear any. Sunglasses are a great way to look put together without doing much. They’re like fun little masks that you can always change.

If you could work with any Canadian designer, who would it be?

I like to work on my own. I love what I do. But there are so many great Canadian designers, so maybe in the future. We’ll see.

You’re known for taking chances with your wardrobe. Is there anything you would never wear?
Never say never.

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