A new trailer for The Great Gatsby has been released featuring songs by Beyoncé, Lana Del Rey and more

After months and moths of delayed starts, The Great Gatsby countdown is finally on. The hotly-anticipated film is coming to theatres in just over a month (May 10th to be exact), and we have a new reason to be excited. A new trailer, which includes music from the highly anticipated Gatsby soundtrack, has been released. With longer clips than usual, this trailer only adds to the hype of the epic film.

The trailer runs just under 3 minutes, and, like the previous trailers, gives us a glimpse the breathtaking scenery and take on 1920s glamour that director Baz Luhrmann has crafted for his remake. But in addition to Carey Mulligan’s gorgeous dresses and elegant jewellery, the trailer also includes three new songs from the soundtrack.

The first is an impressive cover by Beyoncé and Andre 3000 of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black,” which is almost unrecognizable with a darker, synthed-out sound. The second is Lana Del Rey’s ballad “Young and Beautiful” which is also played briefly in the trailer while Mulligan and Leonardo DiCaprio stare longingly at each other. And the third is Florence + the Machine’s massive new track “Over the Love.”

What do you think about the new Gatsby trailer?