The 10 Most Jaw-Droppingly Beautiful Fashion Weddings of All Time

From to Amal and George Clooney’s Italian extravaganza to Kimye’s famed flower wall, we love drooling over beautiful, OTT weddings. And unsurprisingly, brides who work in the fashion industry are also pretty good at pulling them off. It doesn’t matter if the bride is a designer, editor, or model—if she’s stylish, her wedding likely follows suit. (It doesn’t hurt that there’s some serious cash involved, too)

We’re not quite sure what takes the cake when it comes to why fashion nuptials are so drool-worthy though. Is it the stylish guest list? The designer gown(s)? The curated backgrounds in the trending Instagram photos? All of the above?

Take, for instance, Giovanna Battaglia‘s recent nuptials this weekend in Capri, which spawned weekend headlines worldwide. And let’s not forget her stunning Alexander McQueen gown. How about Coco Rocha’s extravagant wedding that she recently gave us all a glimpse of on Instagram? We’re still swooning over the affair six years later!

Giovanna and Coco are certainly not the only ones in the fashion industry who know how to throw drop-dead gorgeous weddings. From designers to stylists to models, we’ve complied a list of 10 of the greatest fashion weddings of all time.