Sabrina Firman Tells us How to Get the Most Out of Milan Fashion Week
Photography by Ludivico Barbano

Sabrina Firman Tells us How to Get the Most Out of Milan Fashion Week

Fashion industrialists are making their way to Milan for fashion week. Here's what they'll be doing (or should be doing) once they get there.

When sitting in a café full of urbanites sipping aperativos during Milan Fashion Week, it’s easy to understand why Sabrina Firman, of The Firman, is a “fixer.” I’ve ordered a Spritz based on a friend’s recommendation, and Firman promptly explains how the classic Italian beverage has exploded in popularity since the alcohol brand Aperol began marketing the Spritz as a lighter, healthier, happier post-recession drink. Providing crib notes like this on the Italian way of life has become Firman’s MO.

She was born in London to a British father but moved to Milan as a young girl with her Italian mother. “I hated it at first,” she says. “It was a different world to what London was.” But being perfectly bilingual allowed her to build bridges between Italy and the fashion industry at large, working with clients like Holt Renfrew in Canada and Le Bon Marché in France. Today, she sees a Milan that is more vibrant than ever. “Milan is living its golden moment,” she says, citing events such as Milano Design Week, Piano City and the Fondazione Prada museum as cultural options outside of fashion. “It’s now a city full of surprises.”

See Firman’s favourite Milan Fashion Week hotspots below:

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