Michael B. Jordan’s Bare Chest Caused a Thirsty Teen to Break Her Retainer

Michael B. Jordan is a dangerous, dangerous man. In Black Panther, he’s the number one threat to the safety of Wakanda. But IRL, he’s even worse. MJB is a thirst trap who threatens to bust your dental gear, turn you into a viral meme and then slide gracefully into your DMs. Sit back, grab a snack, and get ready to deep dive into the greatest Internet love story of all time. Like all great Internet love stories, it started with a Tumblr post…


“One of my patients came in for an emergency visit, because she snapped the wire on her retainer watching the movie when MBJ took his shirt off she clenched her teeth so fucking hard,” reads the post from Tumblr user nitramaraho. Naturally, a screenshot of the anecdote starting to make the rounds on the web. How could it not? Between the relatability of MBJ thirst, the shocking discovery of an orthodontist on Tumblr, and the controversial topic of dentist/patient confidentiality, this is the stuff the Internet lives for.

And so, it didn’t take long for 18-year-old Sophia Robb to come forward with the horrifying realization…

Here’s a play-by-play of everything that’s happened since.

The only natural next step in this story was for Robb’s viral post about her orthodontist’s viral post to catch Jordan’s eye, so that he could craft up his own viral post. Which he did on Tuesday, when he publicly offered to replace her retainer.

Sophia Robb now has exclusive rights to the best Twitter bio of all time: “I’m the girl who broke her retainer over Michael B Jordan in Black Panther.”

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