Photography by George Pimentel Photography

The Mad Hot Fashion at the Mad Hot Ballet Gala

You know what book everyone can agree on? Where’s Waldo. Sure, it’s not the most complex book, at least in terms of plot. But there’s something about staring silently at crowds looking for a person who is different from everyone else that just brings people together. And while that description maybe sounds a bit sinister, really what we’re saying is it’s fun to look at pictures.

Why talk about Where’s Waldo? Because Wednesday night was the Mad Hot Ballet: Disco, an annual fundraising event for National Ballet Ballet (which this year raised $1.3 million). The evening began with an hour-long performance including the world premiere of Joshua Beamish’s Lollapalooza, performed by Principal Dancers Harrison James and Jillian Vanstone, with costumes by Canadian fashion designer Jason Wu and Justin Peck’s Paz de la Jolla, which will be performed as part of the National Ballet’s Summer Mixed Programme June 16 – 22 with James Kudelka’s The Man in Black and Alexander Ekman’s Cacti. And while the performances — and the food and cocktails — were delightful, the real fun was in the people watching. Specifically, spotting the dancers amidst the crowd of well-dressed attendees.

After performing, the principle dancers joined the party, and they almost blend in. Only certain clues give them away. Mostly it’s their posture. Click through this gallery and see if you can spot the professional ballerinas. It’s a game, and it’s almost as fun as seeing if you can find yourself.

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