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Leslie Jones Recently Discovered RuPaul’s Drag Race and Her Twitter Reactions Are Hilarious

Season ten of RuPaul’s Drag Race just wrapped, but on Twitter it’s all about season six–at least it is on SNL actor Leslie Jones’ page. If you’ve been following Jones on Twitter for a while, you know that when she really loves something, she’s going to share it with the world. Remember her hilarious coverage of the Winter Olympics? Well, live-tweeting RuPaul’s Drag Race has become Jones’ next obsession.

Although the show debuted back in 2009, Jones admits she’s only recently discovered it and yes… she knows she’s late. Both fans and participants alike have caught wind of the comedian’s hilarious tweets and are keeping up with her #ShutUpIKnowImLate hashtag to read up on all of Jones’ Drag Race opinions. (There are a lot.)

From calling out sassy contestants…

…to repurposing some of RuPaul’s iconic phrases…

…to shouting-out glam looks on the main stage…

…Jones has a lot of love for the drag race fam.

One contestant that quickly became a favourite was Alyssa Edwards, with Jones even comparing the Southern pageant queen to a woman she’d met previously at a tupperware party.

Edwards then tweeted back at Jones with the hashtag #NewHomies and thus began the celeb friendship we never knew we needed.

Willam, another former contestant of RPDR, also responded to Jones’ tweets after she questioned why the drag queen was infamously kicked off of season four. Despite the reasoning being buried since literally 2012, Jones somehow got Willam to dish on what really happened and a collection of screenshots was posted that detailed a toxic atmosphere on set.

After more coaxing from Jones, he continued to spill the tea, revealing that he was also chopped from All Stars season one (a spin-off show where old favourites return to compete for another chance at the crown) mere days before filming was scheduled to begin.

Aside from revealing long-awaited juicy gossip, Jones also revealed a lot about herself while watching the show, bringing up her own experience with her late father after watching a sweet moment with Edwards on season five.

“It was an accident,” Jones told IndieWire about the start of her RPDR obsession. “Late at night I was flipping through the channels and saw a rerun on VH1 from season ten. I didn’t know RuPaul’s format was like that. It’s like Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model for drag queens! I was like, oh snap! They’ve gotta lip sync for their life? Oh hell naw, this is the bomb!”

Jones was recently snapped with RuPaul himself at the 2018 Time 100 Gala late last month. Our fingers are crossed that they were sorting out the details of a guest judge appearance for Jones next season.

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With plenty more episodes left to catch up on, we hope that Jones will continue to share her Drag Race experience with us. We personally love reliving the drama, the runways and the hilarious challenges through her tweets… even if they ARE a little late.

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