Lana Del Rey style: A chronological guide to the singer’s best fashion moments

Lana Del Rey Style

Lana Del Rey Style

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What can you say about Lana Del Rey? Well, what can’t you say about Lana Del Rey. Since she burst onto Youtube with her questionably homemade video for “Video Games,” her beestung lips, larger-than-life bouffant hair and exaggerated almond nails have utterly transfixed. If you’ve ever visited this site, you’d know how much. (Case in point: this step-by-step tutorial)

In her videos, she’s channelled everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Nancy Sinatra. In performances, she’s a total badass. Her vintage aesthetic has been used to sell H&M, Mulberry, Jaguar and more loosely, the American dream. IRL, Lana Del Rey’s style is akin to a modern-day hipster. Her look is constantly transforming, and as such, deserves observing.

In celebration of our current cover girl, we set out to document our favourite Lana Del Rey style and fashion moments on and off screen. Beginning with her first awards show appearance in Prabal Gurung’s ubiquitous floral-print dress and later, in standout looks from Vivienne Westwood, Versace and more, we catch LDR at her very best. And since we know that the latest greatest look is always around the corner, we’ll be adding to this look book á la this never-ending ode to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Go on, click through. We dare you not to get lost in that bouffanted beauty of a girl.

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