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Happy Birthday, Justin Bieber! Relive His 24 Best, Worst and Weirdest Moments


Today our tiny precious baby lamb (Justin Bieber) turns 24 years old. And man alive, what a wild 24 years it’s been.

While most of us spent the first two and a half decades-ish of our existence hanging around malls, drinking coolers, and complaining about there being nothing to do, Biebs lived the exact opposite life. Between age 15 and 24, Stratford’s finest became a pop music phenomenon, went rogue (peed in a bucket, lost a pet monkey, spit off a hotel balcony, etc etc), and subjected himself to a Comedy Central roast, which is as close as a famous person can or will get to public torture.

And now, with a wedding-date-worthy girlfriend and tentative plans to start his own church, Little Boy Biebs has embarked on the next chapter of his life: that of a grown-ass man. And while 24 in regular life equates finishing university and/or crying about not know what to do or who to be next (see: my few years spent sobbing at the American Eagle cash desk while counting down the registers), Justin is arguably 46 in pop years, meaning this next chapter is bound to deliver some real truths, maybe a marriage, and a lot of perspective.

But until then, here are 24 of his greatest moments.

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