Mick Jagger Is A Dad Again. Get To Know Some Of The Other Kids

So Mick Jagger has done it again: Had a baby. Baby X (a boy) was born December 8 in New York to mother Melanie Hamrick, a 29-year old ballerina. This is Jagger’s 8th child by a five women. Jagger was reportedly on-site for baby’s arrival. And if paparazzi shots are any indication Jagger seems to be a pretty good dad to his children regardless of his status with their respective mothers.

Jagger’s longest relationship was with the 70s supermodel Jerry Hall, (now married to media mogul Rupert Murdock) and she’s also mother to four of Jagger’s kids who are, let’s face it, rock royalty. The eldest is Lizzie, 32, next is brother James, 31, who gave his mother away at her spring wedding. Next is supermodel Georgia May, 24, and the littlest is Gabriel Jagger, 19, who is shifting from teen to man.

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Elizabeth “Lizzy” Scarlett Jagger
Year of birth: 1984
Trajectory: Mick and Jerry’s first born broke out in the aughts as a model amidst much fanfare. However, she turned to acting and even appeared in the memorable film Igby Goes Down. She mostly models now while dividing her time between the U.S. and England.
Romance: Once dated Sean Lennon, son of late Beatle John Lennon.
Birth order analysis: As the oldest sibling Lizzy exhibits an innate confidence that comes with having had mom and dad’s undivided attention for even a little bit longer than her siblings. She is a leader, but will be content to build up her siblings career paths while working away at her own respectable celebrity-endowed livelihood.

James Jagger
Year of birth: 1985
Trajectory: James bears a striking resemblance to his father. He is a singer and an actor who shared a class with Robert Pattinson in private high school. He also attended the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York. James currently stars in the HBO show Vinyl as Kip Stevens. Yes, dad Mick produces the show but James did audition for Marin Scorsese and he’s actually pretty good.
Romance: Newlywed with artist Anoushka Sharma. His parents did not attend the wedding.
Birth order analysis: James is close in age to his sister Lizzy. Experts say this can cause a great deal of competition, especially since parents are overwhelmed by two small kids. However, because they are different genders, siblings that are this close in age are treated like two ‘eldest,’ and will show similar leadership qualities.

Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger
Year of Birth: 1992
Trajectory: Georgia May is the third and most famous Jagger sibling. She is a supermodel in the true sense of the word and the face of Rimmel Cosmetics. She also appeared in an Ellen Von Unwerth-shot campaign for Thomas Sabo jewellery. For someone who gets paid to smile, she didn’t crack one at her mother’s recent wedding in London, but followed up the celebration with a warm and loving Instagram shot of Jerry Hall that seemed almost apologetic.
Romance: Dates fellow model Josh McLennan.
Birth order analysis: Because siblings Lizzy and James are so close in age, Georgia May is a bit of a middle child in this quartet. As the middle, she doesn’t get the attention of the oldest or the youngest, and is therefore independent and, according to middle-child studies, is more driven then you think. This does much to explain why Georgia May has been so successful as a model without seeming to try.

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Gabriel Luke Beauregard Jagger
Year of birth: 1997
Trajectory: Gabriel is the youngest of Jerry and Mick’s kids and has benefitted from the anonymity of press laws that protect the privacy of famous kids. As a baby he was photographed by Annie Leibovitz while nursing with his glamourous mother. As a little boy he also appeared with Hall in an H&M campaign. He is currently a budding artist.
Romance: He’s only 18 so who knows.
Birth order analysis: As the youngest of the four, Gabriel will exhibit qualities that are typical of the youngest. He might be a free-spirit but because he is much younger than Lizzy and James, there will be a bit of only child to him as we can assume his siblings would have been out of the house at school or traveling with his father after their parents’ breakup.