It girl must-reads! Both Lena Dunham and Alexa Chung are writing books

Lena Dunham Alexa Chung book deals

Lena Dunham Alexa Chung book deals

It’s a good week for fashionable female icons. Just a mere day after it was announced that Lena Dunham is writing a book, it has been revealed that Alexa Chung is planning on doing the same thing.

While both books will offer advice and personal anecdotes, the comparisons end there. According to British Vogue, Alexa Chung’s “will allow fans to step inside her world, as she reveals how she decides what to wear, her fashion influences and style tips.” Due out in September 2013, the book will feature Chung’s writing, as well as personal photographs, drawings and sketches—some of which can already be seen if you follow her on Twitter. (Fingers are crossed for an entire chapter on quirky nail art inspiration!)

While Alexa Chung has secured a publisher, Lena Dunham’s search for one is part of the publicity for her forthcoming book. It’s been reported that she’s on the hunt for the best offer—with the starting rate for her book deal sitting at a cool $1 million. As for the content, the book takes a page from the life of Hannah Horvath: it’s a collection of personal essays covering many topics (including an account of how she lost her virginity) and tentatively titled “Not That Kind of Girl: Advice by Lena Dunham.” No word yet on when it will be released, but given our love for Girls, we’re already looking forward to signing up for a pre-order.

One last coincidence: both Alexa Chung and Lena Dunham are currently working in New York City (Chung is filming Gossip Girl while Dunham is finishing the second season of Girls), so perhaps the two have gotten together to discuss their forays into the world of writing? Not likely, but Alexa Chung would make for a good guest star on Girls, don’t you think?