Are you guilty of Instaclipsing? 10 celebs who totally are

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Instaclipsing (insta-klips-ing) verb: The act of posting a photo to Instagram in which the poster looks significantly better than the other person or persons in the photo, thereby eclipsing them.

We all have one of those friends. You know, the ones who are too embarrassed to take a solo selfie, so they use you as an accessory to show off how good their new hair looks on Instagram? “What are you talking about? You look sooo good,” they’ll reply when you complain about how you look in said photo. They may offer to take the photo down, but you will refuse to be dramatic over something as superficial as an Instagram photo, therefore leaving you totally instaclipsed.

Instaclipsing is not a new social media crime. Its biggest offender? Kim Kardashian, who has done it to even her closest pals (and on their birthdays, no less!). Every one of Kardashian’s birthday tribute posts shows her looking fab, while the birthday guy or gal looks passable at best. But hey, can we blame her? Would you post a photo of yourself looking not so great, just to show off your hot squad? Probably not. The problem then, isn’t the photo, but the fact that most friends won’t actually admit to the Insta-crime they are committing. Their constant reassurance regarding how “cute” you supposedly look will almost feel insulting—you think I am at my cutest with this double chin? Gee, thanks!

That’s why it’s important that we learn to laugh at ourselves when Instaclipsing occurs, and remember the times we’ve told our friends they look cute while rocking a sweaty messy bun after that hot yoga class. Let’s be real, when it comes to choosing the perfect Instagram, we will always opt for the one showcasing our own hot bod, next to a blurry, somewhat ghostly version of our unaware BFF. If you got it, flaunt it. Right?

We’ve gathered photo evidence of 10 of the worst (best?) celebrity Instaclipsers for your enjoyment. Don’t even try to act like these snaps don’t ring true to you.