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#HurtBae: Video of Woman Talking to her Cheating Ex Broke the Internet

#HurtBae sat across her ex-boyfriend and calmly asked, “What did you do?” Unfazed, he responded, “I did everything.”

The rest is hard to watch.

A video of a couple sitting face to face to talk about why he cheated on her went viral on Twitter, sparking the hashtag #HurtBae—and we’re just as hurt.

The six-minute clip posted by The Scene is an online miniseries that so far has over 140,000 retweets and over 300,000 likes. And they’re all from people who can’t handle the look on Kourtney Jorge’s face when Leonard Long says he “wasn’t counting” when she asked how many times he cheated.

In the video, the ex-couple goes through the bumps of their relationship: the sketchy messages and pictures from girls on Leonard’s phone, walking in on him cheating, him promising he’d change and her forgiving him every time. Why? Because she thought of him as her best friend.

Do you want to know the most frustrating part? Kourtney is talking softly and sincerely, while Leonard looks like he’s trying not to smile or laugh.


This is literally an emotional horror story. Our hearts honestly can’t take it. Poor #HurtBae.

Twitter reactions took the pain to a new level.

But don’t worry, our girl’s OK now.

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