Toronto’s New Instagram Pop-Up Will Fill Your Feed With ’90s Nostalgia

Grab your scrunchie and put on your overalls for this throwback experience.

If you loved Happy Place, the pop-up that flooded Instagram accounts across Toronto this past winter, or you miss recess, sugar-coated cereals and ball pits, we have some good news.

A group of ambitious millennials has created the ultimate nostalgia experience—and it’s exclusive to Toronto. In trendy Dundas West, you can hang up your responsibilities at coat check and enter a world of ’90s childhood bliss. Even the name is a throwback to what was once probably one of your favourite games: HideSeek. But now, instead of hiding behind a tree from your fast counting friends, you’re shelling out $25 plus taxes and fees to hide from your adult life in search of perfectly curated Instagram pics.

Open from March 30th to June 2, the pop-up is a Pantone dream of colour matches with electric pinks and fiery oranges, with decor that features an explosion of kid’s toys and stationary that evoke memories of classroom giggles and fun-filled sleepovers.

Round up your closest friends or fellow influencers and order your tickets before recess is over. You won’t want to miss out on the sugary sweet experience of floor-to-ceiling installations and ’90s pop hits. Go on, grab your scrunchy and dance your way on over to Dundas West.

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